Lie Down, My Lady

J. Scott Smith

Lie down, my lady, your head safe on my shoulder
And feel the warmth of my hands on your back
Lie down, my lady, press your breasts against my chest
And sleep tonight a sleep of darkest black

Lie down, my lady, wrap your legs around with mine
And let our passion meet, joined hip to hip
Lie down, my lady, thus entwined in love's embrace
And sleep tonight while from yearning's cup sip

Lie down, my lady, I shall watch while you slumber
And no evil shall dare to assail you
Lie down, my lady, let me breathe of you deeply
And beneath you await the morning dew

And by the first glimmer of the day set aglow
In the peerless passion of early morn
I shall lay down my lady, savor and take you
And again our love anew shall be born

December 2011
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