Gone with the Wind

J. Scott Smith

Here, at the end of the day, when all else slips away
And I am left with only thoughts of you
Is when it feels most like I once knew
Before life turned me away, and our years turned a day

Are you there, as I am here, in our world now veered?
Do your days end in thoughts of me?
When you feel, do you long for me?
And when you sleep, dear, are we still to be feared?

On silver wings I was carried
To that land I once knew, where skies gray and blue
Rested softly upon you, and for it the fairer grew
Until my despair it buried

When those wings returned me home
My soul was not accompanied by the soul it longs could be
But instead was borne free, free of love, free of company
Until I met again my door, alone

So here, at the day's end, these words, wishes to mend
Now as ever forever of you
Hearts atwitter, our love all new
Before life turned 'round the bend, and we? Gone with the wind

May 2013
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