J. Scott Smith

Awake! Awake! Arise and flee!
Words from my lips like arrows flew
Awake! Awake! Fly fast and true
Strike the foe, bury deep, set free

Mercy! Mercy! Pity on me!
Words feignly shielding demon's play
Mercy! Mercy! Be gone I pray
Stay not my doom to oversee

Silence! Silence! Ignorant fool
Do not hurl words in vain at me
Silence! Silence! Your task will be
A curse to bear no words may rule

Listen! Listen! And hear me well
Upon your heart a mark is set
Listen! Listen! Mute your regret
The mark, a stain, a portent tell

Wake up! Wake up! This is my plea
Release me, demon, from your grasp
Wake up! Wake up! A talon's clasp
Grips me, strong, and holds me tightly

Be still! Be still! Struggle is vain
My demon scolds and tightens more
Be still! Be still! An oath he swore
Then limp I fell, as if one slain

Cursed! Cursed! A stain upon your heart
Denies what love might enter there
Cursed! Cursed! Forever in despair
Enslaved to love, though love depart

Awake, at last, I rise and mourn
For the demon whose curse I bear
Awake, asleep, is ever there
Never absent, nor ever torn

November 2011
Plain Text


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