This Love, You and Me

J. Scott Smith

The day?
It is gray
The mood?
It is blue
And yet
What I find
As rain
Steady pounds
Is that
In my mind
Though my
Bones be chill
I want
As always
What I
Plea each night
Your hand
Holding mine
Our palms
Warm to touch
My skin
Meeting yours
Our hearts
Racing beats
My face
In your eyes
Our love
In our sighs
And gray
Blue and chill
Gone then
Rain as well
For there
By my side
Is you
My desire
To light
Passion's fire
Love's flame
At long last
To paint
In bright red
And soft hues
My dream
My daydream
That verse
Come to life
With you
Passion's muse
And I
Folly's fool
And we
Hunger's pangs
Not fed
Never freed
One day
Might once be
One night
Might set free
This love
You and me

April 2012
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