Ode to a Doll

J. Scott Smith

When you least expect it and where you'd never think to look
There, behind the knick and the knack
Amidst the common and the ordinary, in some nook
Or some cranny, midst jack and tack
Sits a gem, a treasure, a treat, which others have mistook
As perhaps merely bric-a-brac
Dismissed as no value and limited worth in their book
Only a bauble, a gimcrack

But what I behold upon closer examination
Is fine and well crafted artwork
Bearing the marks of a labor of love and of passion
Nothing here the artist did shirk
Every line and curve inscribes with the utmost precision
Features conceived spirits to perk
Each piece joined in perfect connection prompts a decision
To possess this jewel from the murk

But alas, I cannot!
For although placed as though abandoned
To my sadness it's not
Though in a place which one
Of such beauty should not have landed
No bid may now be won

Sometimes, then, I find you, there on the shelf where I may look
Embrace with my eyes, but not touch
Never allowed to be taken down, no walks by the brook
No caress, never kiss or such
But don't be sad for me, my dear, as knowingly I took
This road I choose to travel much
For in your eyes when you smile, and on your face in that look
If but our souls, I know, we touch

December 2011
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