Who Knows? Not I!

J. Scott Smith

Who knows the mind of another? Not I!
Certainly not the mind of a lover
With secrets upon scars others inscribed
As if I could decipher such cover

Who knows the heart of a lover? Not I!
I scarcely know my own's deceitful ways
And fail to recognize its subtle lies
How am I to unknot her tangled plays?

Who knows the truth behind sly words? Not I!
A word spoken like so can mean like that
Yet conveyed like this and none of it's right
So how do I know, is it coat or hat?

Who knows why love comes and love goes? Not I!
When I have thought it strong, it has wilted
When I have thought it gone, is has revived
And when happy at last, was soon jilted

Who knows why? Not me, not one little bit!
To me it's the moon on a cloudy night
When even moonbeams find too tight a fit
Clearly what I mean to say is: Not I!

July 2012
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