Welcome to Earth

J. Scott Smith

Whose is this face of a thousand places
Wandering through the human races
Making for people rules they cannot use?

And who are these with painted faces
Bringing laughter to sorrowed places
Giving to children things they'll always use?

     Politicians, clowns - all make you sad
     But a clown will never bring you down

What is this place that lies beneath me
Lighted buildings shadowing horns and taxis
Concrete clouds so thick I cannot see?

Who are these girls with painted faces
Soliciting to the human races
Bodies to use if you can pay the fee?

     Politicians, clowns - all make you smile
     But a clown will never let you down

     Hookers and cities with their neon faces
     All come adorned in a sparkling gown

Who's this girl in faded blue-jeans
Pretty smile and a face that seems
To shine through the longest rain?

Who's this girl who plays in sandpiles
Shares her love and gives her smiles
Stands by my side and doesn't complain?

     Politicians, clowns - all make you laugh
     But a clown will never let you down

     Hookers and cities with their flashing lights
     Both come dressed in deceitful gowns

     And people who will always care
     Come surrounded by fresh, clean air


What's this world that lies beneath me
Wild sensations and colorful scenery?
What's the purpose, what's the cause
What's the meaning...

... of it all?

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