A Dream I Dreamed

J. Scott Smith

A dream I dreamed, not of high and lofty goals
But one of selfish pleasures and lower things
In my dream my part was not the best of roles
But one best forgotten when the last song sings

The dream I dreamed cast both you and me as we
With me the hero, the star and the writer
And you the damsel, my love and lover, she
To ignite my days and my nights the brighter

This dream I dreamed, in which I pretend the knight
Dressed full in shining armor and sword in hand
Ride out to meet your foes and slay them by right
To shield my love from those who against her stand

A dream I dreamed, and in dreams it played so well
With you, fairest of all, enrapt and enthralled
To bind my wounds and tend my wants, magic spell
Upon me so at your knee I bow when called

The dream I dreamed laid aside the shackles of
Truth and its cohort, the harsh reality
Upon this sand I built a castle of love
Not seeing, not heeding, seething waves: life's sea

This dream, in truth a nightmare to be, I dreamed
This can be, but shouldn't be, that consumes me
Binds me, confines me, snares me still, unredeemed
Ne'er to be free, save you dream the dream of me

October 2011
Plain Text


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