I Bought for My Love

J. Scott Smith

I bought a box of chocolates, for my love does crave them
I bought a bouquet of orchids, for my love adores them
I bought a bottle of Chanel, for my love prefers it
I bought a scarf of finest silk, for my love admires it

And having bought these things and arrayed them
Here before me, begging to be given
I'm sad for I can never deliver
These gifts my love - my soul - yearns to give her

I reach for her, but the chocolates remain unwrapped
I reach for her, but the orchids yet here are trapped
I reach for her, but the perfume here still lingers
I reach for her, but the silk falls from my fingers

She is kept there, secured beyond my grasp
So close, withheld not by chain or by clasp
Here I am, powerless to liberate
My love, and afraid to expropriate

I sit, then, and eat my box of candy
I sit and with orchids play "She loves me"
I sit and inhale wafts of Number 5
I sit and with silk dab tears from my eyes

January 2012
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