We Are Stuck Apart

J. Scott Smith

I waited
You didn't come home
I left the light on
For nothing

I called you
You didn't answer
I tried to find you
You were lost

I told you
It would be okay
I promised it would
But you left

I knew why
Although it was dumb
I understood it
You had to

I cried then
For days upon days
I was lost for years
Left. Alone

I was crushed
But you? You moved on
I was right it seems
Nothing changed

I had said
You would learn someday
I wasn't the cause
Of your woes

I was right
But what good is that?
I am here, you there
All the same

I loved you
And you found too late
I was right back then
You love me

I miss you
If I could you know
I would undo it
Take it back

I can't though
We are stuck apart
I can only wish
And feel sad

I know this
And does it matter?
I think it does not
Not at all

I loved you
Most days I still do
It is comforting
You do too

August 2012
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