Eulogy for One

J. Scott Smith

I prop my foot upon the split
my elbow on the post
and cradled in my hand
my chin and sullen head there rest
gazing o'er life's pastoral scene
time past, time future
loves had, loves lost
loves dreamed in dreams I should not dream
time spent where time was not well spent
victories won through luck and will
treasures stored up by chance and skill
and silently, as dead summer air
sighs upon silence I speak
whispers thrown across the age
a eulogy escapes me
farewell to all behind
and I know, am sure
in my raptured state
another life began, shortened thus
for time has passed, less now remains
but always this, love's loss
that fate did not conjoin
one with one in whom
a union could be born
and then not two but one
would make the journey not one
of solitude endured alone
rather companionship rapt in two

December 2011
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