Too Far

J. Scott Smith

I saw a pearl in the water, not far there
From here, my toes sinking in the sand, and where
I could not reach, arms outstretched far - it's not fair!

Day in and day out, weeks and months, I waited
Each time I reached out as the tide abated
My spirit, like the tide, went out, deflated

No reel or net, no hook or line, none captured
My pearl, none brought her here for one enraptured
Ensnared again, my eye once more recaptured

As my feet settle into the sand, I begin
To will them move, stand me away, and again
Find they have - back there, where I've already been

I tried, and tried more, but seemed stranded in place
Unable to be free of the pearl's embrace
As leaves in the wind and the shadows they chase

At long last, with great effort, I made my escape
If I said how, you'd stand there, slack mouth agape
I'll but say, I rather resembled an ape

And safely removed, beyond the morning star
I learn my pearl has washed up on sandy bar
Out of my reach, once again - not fair! - too far

January 2013
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