The Meaning of Passion and Love

J. Scott Smith

At length did I wander
Some length did I ponder
The meaning of passion and love
With questions grown stronger
Have tarried yet longer
Seeking after passion and love

Passion they say burns like a fire
Fed fuel and air in plenty
And try as you might
You'll find no respite
From flames that grow higher
Consuming the pyre
Till after the flight
You're left a heart that's empty

But love they say nurtures the soul
Contenting the hungry heart
Within a caress
Full of gentleness
Take shelter from the cold
Held safe inside the fold
Love will always ask for less
Than it will in turn impart

At length have I wandered
Some length have I pondered
The meaning of passion and love
And reached the conclusion
That passion's illusion
And the better of both is love

February 1985
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