In a Love not yet Started

J. Scott Smith

Happy would I be if by order from above
In your arms I'd ever be safely in your love
Into the night with sweetest dreams not departed
Would I find my love in a love not yet started
I would find me there in your face so fair no lack
Of comfort or compassion on days darkest black
In the abyss of the dead of night no fervor
As I would be securely moored in safe harbor
Soon enough the night would pass, lost to morning bright
And I'd awake to find you, at peace in pure light
Every feature calling me: Join me, now hasten
Fervently I'd obey and take you, my vision
Bring me never back to this land, my fair lover
Keep me in this unreality forever
If the gods will, I wish they would leave it undone
And spare me the darkness and leave for me the sun
Grant one wish if they would and the wish I would wish
Is to have you here always, to love and ravish
Until - damn the day - when true love must do once more
What always transpires when life closes half the door
Slips far away this far away love I recite
But happy I'd be if I could fall from this height

December 2011
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