Be Mindful of Nothing

J. Scott Smith

It wasn't that there was anything special
There was nothing unusual or unique
In fact, it was common and plain, somewhat drab
And not in the least your attention would seek

That it would ever be rare, precious or sold
Was as far from true as the moon from the sun
There was no value or profit it promised
As nothing goes, a vision of perfection

Young woman, beware! Beware the deceiver
What you think so harmless, so dull, so useless
Will at first chance turn upon you, possess you
Fire your dreams to stone, burn your hopes to ashes

Beware, young man! Beware the earnest liar
Don't follow, don't pursue, don't engage the chase
Your strength will be wasted, your passion all spent
Bribes to the shadows of some shadowy place

You have been lost on this trail before, old men
Lost and misled and through decades have wandered
Tempted and beguiled in your youth, old women
Robbed of your treasure by years and years squandered

Rise to the challenge it throws down before you
Stand up and defend, guard yourself and your love
Hold strong in the face of unyielding assault
Call help down upon you from spirits above

Let nothing pass by you, nothing assail you
Take care to repell it with able resolve
Be watchful, be wary, your guard never drop
Be mindful of nothing, by this you will solve

September 2011
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