Table of Contents

The sidebar to the right shows the available sections and/or titles. Click on a title and it will be opened in this panel.

The titles are initially grouped by decade and listed (as best I can recall for some of the older titles) in the order they were written. When listed in this mode, each decade will be initially expanded. Click on the decade header to hide the titles for that decade. Click it again to show them.

To quickly toggle the display of titles, click on the Grouped by Decade header. This will toggle the disply of all sections. Any that are closed will be opened, and vice versa.

Sorting the List

To sort the list by title, click here. The list of titles will be show in its entirety.

To return to the grouped list, click here, or just click Poems & Stuff option on the menu bar above.

Next/Previous Controls

Above and below the item there are <<— ♦ —>> prev/next buttons. These will take you to the previous or next title, based on the current sort option.

Printing and Notes

When you see the printer icon at the bottom of a page, you can click on it and the page will be displayed in a printer-friendly format. Use your browser's back button/feature to return to the normal view.

When you see the notes icon at the bottom of a page, it means there are author's notes available. Click on the icon to display the notes. The icon will then have an 'X' in it, and if clicked again will close the notes.

No Notes?

Some things are a little too current to tell their secrets. Maybe someday I'll add my notes for these, but for now they will remain missing.


A few people have suggested conventional comments for each title would be nice, better than the email contact form. To this end, the Disqus system has been added. Comment away!

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