Logic Told Me

J. Scott Smith

Logic told me, "Keep your distance!"
Logic told me, "You have no chance!"
Logic told me, "She's not for you!"
Logic told me, "She'll not be true!"
Logic told me, "It will not last!"
Logic told me, "It will die fast!"

It's not that she is a perfect companion or fit so well for me
For I can recite, with a blink of thought and only a breath of sound
That small litany of ills that render her unfit for such duty
And in return the same is true, that she to me should never be bound
Any fool can see, with fair certainty, no compatibility
Exists between, and in between careens foolish love's merry-go-round

But - and here lies the rub - there is this vexation
Personalities that meld and defy reason
Well fit together, blending without cessation
Drawn as rain to spring, as passing as the season

Poor heart! Who cares so much to know no pain, yet cares little for the truth
Who would rather hear its own lying voice than to hear simple and plain
Who listens well when it tells itself, "She is familiar. She is proof!"
Without asking, "Proof of what?" before continuing in the same vein
That folly of dismissing clearest facts, which the least Holmesian sleuth
Could discern in an instant marks the road that leads to the same old pain

Deep in my soul, next to my heart, consternation
As that look, that touch, that instant suspends all time
Forever - eternity without cessation
As heaven and angels both admit us sublime

And there, like a snake in the weeds, all wound around and bound to uncoil
There's logic's cool head, hissing its caution, "Tread carefully, as if one
Stepping across a summer's field with bare feet and toes upon the soil
For into my lair you have chosen to come, yet my warning you shun
If you proceed, it's not I who will strike, but one who will your love foil
And leave you neither younger nor wiser, but back at where you've begun"

Logic had much to say, drowned now
By familiar streams as now dies
My scarred and bleeding broken heart
That believed logic told me lies

December 2011
Plain Text


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