To My First

J. Scott Smith

Time melts away and drips off the corners of my mind
The vision before me both familiar and distant
Though I try, I cannot compose your face on my own
Too much between, too far removed, nothing I find

But here - yes, right here! - rendered brightly in full color
Before me, a pixel perfect picture of a pixie
Brings to mind a similar scene, a youthful mem'ry
Back when we were young, so young, in love with each other

My first love, or perhaps not first, but my first true love
More than any other, to you I gave heart and soul
Made promises and plans I could never make again
Many times for their return I've prayed to God above

Young and yes, it's true, both completely without a clue
Yet we pressed on our foolish scheme, uphill all the way
You and I, childish in our ways in childhood's last days
Yearned to forge from folly a future, that much is true

Folly failed to flourish, whipped and torn by an ill wind
Frail youth, fragilely equipped, could not withstand the storm
Floundered a while, we flailed, pulled vainly against the tide
Finally folding, faith and friend, forfeit to love's end

Now here you are, a flickering vision in my eye
Not speaking, but still and smiling and staring this way
Nothing springs to mind... anger, fondness, feelings... nothing
Numb, perhaps... yes, numb... pleasantly... and I click... goodbye

December 2011
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