Damned Scene from Hell

J. Scott Smith

Darkly now, dim sight, damned vision
Fragile, feeble, infirmed, unwell
Weakly witnessed, damned scene from hell
Multiply you me by long division

Linger, tarry, pray stay revision
Hurry nor hasten, but dare me dwell
Stubborn torment, damned scene from hell
Dividing by cold, piercing incision

Rend and render no quarter recission
Shred and shard, here toll desolate bell
Bid done the act, damned scene from hell
Cleave my soul, complete my derision

Dimly and darkly, enrapt by excision
Fixed, enthralled, interred by the knell
Play eternal, damned scene from hell
Ottima lavoro! My misprision

September 2011
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