Beyond My Grasp

J. Scott Smith

Beyond my grasp, in the pale of early morning
I feel you brush against my outstretched fingers
Your delicate face perfectly lit by slivers of light
From a waning moon set against a cold black sky
I see the warmth of your breath as you speak
And you, safe there, tell me it is me you love
And I believe you, for what else can I do?
In my soul, beneath both logic and reason
Within walls raised to thwart the siege of pain
I find I have allowed you, I have invited you
To tarry, to linger here within my barriers
That none but you alone have deftly breached
And so it is that I, neither mute nor eloquent
In these moments rare when fear departs
And its friends pain and sadness follow behind
Am compelled to utter words you long to hear
I reach out to you, though still beyond my grasp
And hold you firm without touch or embrace
While from some tomb, a feeling once banished
Long ago to the darkest depths of my soul
Rises up as flows from some dormant vent
And fills my heart and mind with one thought
One feeling, a weave of need and desire
Of longing and hope, of joy and happiness
These threads the tie that bind me to you
Which I name as I confess I love you, too

January 2012
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