J. Scott Smith

Ask me and I will tell you the lies
Carefully rehearsed, by day, by night
Study me and my face still denies
Never shows what it hides out of sight

Love? I knew that once, back then in time
I recall it like the fog of night
Dimly, vaguely, as some childhood rhyme
Sing-song, la-la-la, star light, star bright

Over there, see them? How is that done?
They assemble, they mingle, they smile
Of all my talents, that is not one
And I watch and I envy a while

Never mind them, for see here? I sit
The tick of the clock marking the hours
Tapping time lapsing bit after bit
The death of it one of its powers

Each day, every night, it's all the same
Tick-tock, dread clock, with no one to hear
Until comes the day, lights out, no flame
Tick Tock, tick not, nobody is here

May 2013
Plain Text


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