The Coat

J. Scott Smith

Oh boy! A gift!
My spirits lift
A gift for me
From dear Aunt Lou

How dear the lady
Indeed, a lady
How dear she is
And loving, too

A coat for me?
Just what I need
My old is worn
And often sewn

And winter is near
She really is dear
Snow will soon fall
And temperatures , too

Oh, I can't wait!
Isn't it great
To try it on
And feel the new?

It's fur inside
With hide outside
Better, by far
Than kings would own

What's this I sense?
Am I in a pinch?
Indeed, the answer I know
Of course, I've grown, 'tis true

When she left our gate
I was a twenty-eight
It was long ago
Yet seems so near

Could she not remember?
Is it a since died ember?
True, it's two years past
Last she took me to the zoo

The woman is old
Her memory so cold
Can I be polite?
Oh, what can I do?

It could go on a shelf
Couldn't hurt my health
It's not really so cold
But if she comes here?

I could cover with lies
And avoid replies
But what could I say
To her "I love you"?

And if I'm found out
I'd be such a lout
Would she understand
Just because I grew?

No, I'll wear it with pride
And keep my feelings inside
For it's the thought that fits
And she really is dear

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