The Jester's Partner and Folly's Guest

J. Scott Smith

This path? It seems familiar
These rocks? As if seen before
Those cliffs? From another year
That rail? To a red-framed door

And I, a fool's fool on a fool's quest
Step lively to enter there once more
The jester's partner and folly's guest
My quest? An outcome not come before

Why winter in harbor in waters held fair
When the face of danger and the sound of pain
Join gladly to feast upon my soul made fare
And in delight, repose, where my heart lies slain?

So I, the fool's fool and folly's guest
Who stepped in time to the jester's tune
Find the outcome of my foolish quest
The song's the same, as always the croon

This recognized trail and stones
By mem'ry's familiar face
To the door, the rail intones
Same end, again - still I race

July 2017
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