Vending Machine

J. Scott Smith

I always marvel when I see
Someone use a vending machine
Perched upon a floor of green
It caters to both you and me

If you're rich and can afford
A nickel, dime and quarter, too
Out comes a drink, candy or chew
A trifle taken from it's hoard

But, by chance, you should arrange
The coins another, different way
And nothing comes, to your dismay
The evil thing will keep your change

You can kick and scream, and holler, too
But before you cry and begin to pout
Please notice it says "Sorry. Sold out."
"Coke Adds Life" and a polite "Thank-you"

So if you're thinking of using these things
Lest they devour your money and saving grace
Take my advice, go find another place
Where what is brought a loyal servant brings

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