My Love, Do You?

J. Scott Smith

My love, do you remember that day so long ago
When you, youthful, beautiful, afraid and yet intrigued
Sat nervously by my side as we talked, laughed and kissed
Then you, in near frenzy, stood and bolted out the door?

My love, do you recall a spring day and trees and stream
When we, love's newly held captives, walked hand locked in hand
And basked on a stone in the warmth of the midday sun
Then you, with that look and faint smile, kissed me and sat still?

My love, do you remember that most eventful day
When we, attended and witnessed had cheerfully sworn
Strolled happily, newly one, and were offered a cup
Then you, then we, laughed and thanked them and continued by?

My love, do you recall many nights and fewer days
When you, assaulted again by childhood things, would fall
And I, helpless, would bear you up and comfort you safe
Then you, tear-stained and spent, would finally drift away?

My love, do you remember that night we laughed and danced
When we, both of us knowing and neither admitting
Turned bittersweet around the floor, our smiles fixed, hearts torn
Then you, in sad voice, noted the song and looked away?

My love, do you recall every day and every night
When you, not here, held fast your place in my broken heart
And I, lost, aimless, wandered as dead through so-called life
Then you, memory, would come and steal my soul again?

My love, do you remember what I recall so near
When we, in an awkward span of familiar moments
Forgave, forgot, and closed not only chapter but book
Then you, my love, slipped away, gone again, one last time?

September 2011
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